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Wedding catering & buffet

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Wedding catering & buffet


Wedding catering is one of the most important things to make the wedding be special , Because wedding catering presented with a range of wedding menus to choose between, many couples are tempted to simply choose the one that is closest to the top of their catering budget. However, just because a wedding catering menu is the most expensive you can afford, it doesn’t mean it is the best suited to your wedding.


The most important tips for the bride when choosing wedding buffet to choose small appetizers because this is the best  for your wedding , it was hard to eat these meals in one bite , they are too big . although the table reserved for oyster lend a distinctive atmosphere of the wedding ,but it may cause considerable chaos , it has been flocking invited to eat oyster , like the first time that the taste of the dish . so you have to get more than special table for dining seafood . committed themselves to the wedding are in place from the start with a budget is important thing. Cut a small pizza made of smoked salmon and caviar , it’s the perfect appetizer to initiate a fun evening. If you make an official ceremony so make a dinner where guests gat sit around the dining table , with written lists of food distinctive handwriting , and forward for four or five tasty dishes instead of the usual three dishes. Of course , both of you provide the wedding cake. but this doesn’t mean that the flavors to be strong and beyond the ordinary ,in fact, you should present  your wedding cake by the best flavor which is strawberries and lemon.

There are certain rules must be taken when you get to the buffet. Then you should be sure to diversify food verifies significantly  to the buffet , to be  available to the guests to choose , the more diversify was great whenever ensured their majority of attendees impassive . make sure the presence of the famous dishes are known and accepted in the buffet , people often don’t like the buffet which contain a lot of verities  of exotic them food. Pay attention to the adequate amount of food , so they are fed twice the number of the guests , while allowing for the renewal of varieties whenever the need arises.


When guests receive their wedding invitation, most will assume that there will be some sort of meal provided for them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to plan a gourmet five course sit down dinner. The type of wedding food you choose to serve will depend on the style and feel of your wedding as well as the time of day and your catering budget. Here are three common options for wedding buffet . buffet high tea , set menu & open buffet. Here are three common options for wedding buffet . buffet high tea , set menu & open buffet. at first you have to decide the number of guests to choose which buffet will apply to your wedding or event , if the number of the guests were between 50 to 100 people so you have the three options of the types of buffet and you may choose open buffet or buffet set menu ,but if your wedding contains more than 150 guest you should choose buffet set menu . which contains avocado salad with warm shrimps , beef medallion in cream sauce with morels , gratin dauphin Oise , seasonal vegetables , white chocolate almond cheese cake , a creamy , baked white chocolate , cream cheese , and roasted almonds , & wedding cake 5 layers

another wedding open buffet for beaches .. on mirror : sea food terrine , mixed cold cuts , vine leaves . salad corner : Nicosia , potatoes salad , beetroots salad with orange , coleslaw salad , pasta salad ,curried salad with chicken & pineapple , sweet corn salad , calaari salad , tehina salad , hummus salad  babeghanough salad, labna salad . fresh salad : tomato , cucumber , carrot , green pepper , caboutshi lettuce , red lettuce . for dressing : French , Italian , vinaigrette , bread corner , sham bread , Lebanon bread , all kind of international bread fresh packed . hot items like : beef medallion with sauce Roquefort , veal menaced with mushroom sauce , marinated chicken grill , ban fried fish with tartar sauce , backed lasagna with fresh basil , seasonal sautéed fresh vegetables , oriental rice , fried potatoes wages . carving corner : roasted turkey , chestnut sauce . for dessert : fresh fruits display , selection of oriental sweets , assorted mini French pastry ( five kinds ) , lemon & strawberry mousse in glasses , cream Carmel - rice pudding in pawl , mull filly tart - chocolate seeker cake , fruit diplomat - chocolate beftrool , om ali  . wedding cake  layers or 5 layers .

at the end you should take care of your choise for every menu from the buffet to make all your guests be happy and satisfied of the food they ate. and the catering service